Natural Volume – up with
the safest cross-linked HA

Hyaluronic Acid is safe and natural biosynthesis material that exists in animal’s skin. The higher elasticity the filler has, the more supportive it is after the injection.


- Non-animal HA
- Natural substance extracted from bacteria.
- High purity(Endotoxin < 0.0015IU/mg)
- Resolvability (Natural decomposition and absorption)

Regenovue mono-phase type filler is made of cross-linked HA using BDDE in order to make the filler last longer and more stable.

- Cross-linker: BDDE
- Special Cross-link technique (Patent processing)
- Upgrade volume and durability
- Regular and compact pattern
- Stable and steady structure
- Natural volume
- Smooth injecting feeling

Application Injecting Area Packing Duration

Superficial wrinkles, periorbital lines, glabellar lines, neck folds

Upper dermis

1 syringe / 1 x 30G, 1 x 27G needles

8~12 months

Application Injecting Area Packing Duration

Middle/deep wrinkles, nasolabial folds, face, lips, chin, forehead

Lower dermis, supper sub-Q

1 syringe / 2x 27G needles

12~18 months

Application Injecting Area Packing Duration

Deep wrinkles, nose surgery

Lower sub-Q

1 syringe / 1 x 27G, 1 x 25G needles

12~18 months